Sunshine on my shoulder, makes me happy

Sun’s out, temp is rising! Gonna be a glorious day! Cows came bounding off the hill this morning to a new bale of hay. Weaning starts today. The river is up and roaring! We have small “ponds” all over the property and in fact, the cows don’t bother going to the water troughs, they just find their own mini-pond to get a drink.

(sigh) Rain (sigh)

The cows and I are getting a bit tired of the rain. It cleared up, just enough yesterday, to play “crazy cow” with Rob Roy (#14). I’d start to leave in the Gator and he’d chase me buckin’ and fartin’. I have no idea how this game started!


My first attempt at Mortadella is a success!!  Mortadella is Italian bologna with flecks of fat and pistachios in it.  Smooth texture, great taste!  It pairs wonderfully with homemade “Almost No-Knead Bread”!  Thanks for the introduction to the bread recipe Mike Adair!!  Mortadella only uses 1 LB. of pork.  Makes meat go a long way.  I’m not sure what my hair dresser is going to say when I walk in this morning with “garlic breath”?!  My wonderful “Mad Scientist” conjured up my very own “sous vide” machine to use to cook my Mortadella.  I’m already planning the next batch.  MMmmmmm!


We are having a beautiful snow.  Since last night we have had about 8″ of wet snow.  This is on top of 4″ from the day before.  The trees are beautiful even if they are groaning under the weight of all that snow.

We’re not even bothering to plow since the rest of the week we are supposed to be about 40F with rain/snow.  Should be a real mess!