Bull Dinner 2013

Forgot to post the 2012 dinner.  I will if I can find it.

2013 Bull Dinner Menu

 Market Shot “Surf in Turf”

 clam digger in a smoked salt rimmed beef bone cuddled with shrimp ceviche, skewered olives and a cucumber spear

Amuse Buche “In-Bedded Turf”

 one perfect bite of filet mignon in a puff pastry bed with a caramelized mushroom under a soft blanket of bearnaise sauce dusted with wild porcini salt

 Crayfish “Surfing the South”

 Louisiana crayfish boiled in traditional Cajun spices with their heads on and KEW’s sweet, succulent cinnamon rolls adding sweetness to the crayfish kick

 Soup “No Surf, No Turf, Just Tons of Umami”

 potage du champignon sauvage – cremini mushrooms and cream…..nuf said!

 Salad “Your Very Own Pizza Pie”

pizza crust transformed by pears, blue cheese and Chinese fried walnuts smothered in spring greens and walnut vinegarette

Main Course “Surf & Turf-Everything’s Better with Bacon”

bacon wrapped braised beef medallions lying on a bed of caramelized mushroom wafers plus bacon infused scallops dripping in a vanilla bourbon sauce

Cheese Course “This Ain’t No Velveeta and Shells”

 shell pasta cooked al dente and then enveloped in 3 cheeses, cream and butter baked to perfection. Toasted panko breadcrumbs finish the dish

Dessert “A Salty Moan-er”

cocoa custard piled into a puff pastry shelled completed by a sprinkling of smoked and sea salt


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