Q. Why can’t I buy cuts of beef from you?

A. We don’t slaughter our beef at a USDA inspected facility. Therefore, the USDA does not allow us to sell you beef, rather we are selling you a cow which you are having slaughtered and butchered (although in reality we take care of most of the details).

Q. How can you sell us half a cow?

A. We find someone else that wants the other half and then you are jointly having the cow slaughtered and butchered.

Q. Can I have different cuts of meat from the person buying the other half of the cow?

A. Sure, right after slaughtering, the two halves of the cow are separated. You can choose different aging and cuts – just tell the butcher via the beef order form that we’ll supply you.

Q. We can’t eat a whole side of beef, how about a quarter of beef?

A. A quarter of beef is a confusing term since a side of beef contains a front quarter and a rear quarter which yield different cuts. Rather, what you are asking to buy is a half of a half (or half of a side) of beef. The butcher will break the side into equal halves so the cost and the meat can be split equally.

Q. Do you give your cows hormones?

A. Not a chance. Our cows are as natural as they come.

Q. Where did you come up with such a strange name for a ranch?

A. In Genesis, the Bible tells us about Abraham and his wife Sarah who were promised the land of Canaan for their faithfulness. We feel that we have been blessed like Abraham and Sarah and therefore chose “Little Canaan Ranch” for a name. Sometimes, however, we also refer to it as “Holy Cow Ranch”.

Q. If you’re a Christian, what’s up with the martini glass brand?

A. If you want to have that discussion, I recommend you come and visit. Everything in moderation.

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