Beef Tasting Dinner 2012

As a fund raiser for the Whitman County Library, we donated a multi-course beef and brew tasting meal.  Since the group that won the item had already sampled our home brews, we focused on beef.  We tried to keep the servings small but with nine courses, everyone ended up stuffed.

In order to not dissuade our guests from trying certain items, we didn’t tell them that the “Lip smackin pickled beef” was beef tongue or that the “Heart poundingly good strips” was beef heart until after they completed the course.  I think most of them liked it at least until they found out what it was.  It was the first time we had ever fixed heart.  It is extremely lean, moderately tender and good tasting, if spiced properly.  We grilled it medium rare – it should be served immediately or it can take on liver flavor overtones.


Beef and Brew Tasting

February 10,2012 

Seasonal Market Shot

Coconut Tequila Snowball dusted w/ Merlot salt


Apple in brown butter, cinnamon, rosemary, chives with goat cheese on crostini

 Smoked salmon pinwheel w/dilled lime cream

Shrimp cake drizzled w/garlic aioli on carrot slaw


Summer sausage and smoked cheddar cheese on a smoldering skewer

“Cream chip beef on toast” – Toast point topped with bechamel and shaved smoked beef

“Reuben sandwich” – Pastrami short ribs smothered in sauerkraut and gruyere


Potage du Champignon Sauvage

Awfully Good Stuff

“Beef Nectar” – broiled marrow spooned on a rosemary-lemon bruschetta

 Lip smackin’ pickled beef on rye w/translucent red onions and Chinese mustard

Heart poundingly good strips sprinkled with onions and cornichon salsa


Walnut, pear, and blue cheese on a bed of mescalin bathed in a walnut vinaigrette

Steak Tasting

Grilled New York Steak served on a bed of arugula w/blackberry-balsamic compote on the side

Pepper encrusted roasted Flat Iron w/shallots, figs, and bacon

Grilled Rib Eye bedded w/smashed Yukon Golds and caramelized mushrooms

 Palate Cleanser

Mango citrus sherbert w/mint and chiles

 Beef Course

“2nd day meat loaf with a kosher dill” – bacon wrapped beef pate w/pistachios and peppercorns served with a pickle

Slow roasted beef ribs lacquered with caramel

Boeuf Bourguignon cuddling a roasted onion and mashed potatoes


Sour cherry beer crisp topped with rosemary whipped cream

Molten chocolate stout cake w/bacon crème anglaise

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